Facts About Paparazzi

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Interesting facts about paparazzi

There is an entire world of news and facts about paparazzi that rarely gets reported in the mainstream media. Most people view paparazzi as invaders of privacy, unwelcome nuisances, lazy individuals without a “real” job, and sometimes even criminals. While all of those descriptions may be true to some extent, you’ll have an all new appreciation after you read these cool facts about paparazzi:

  1. Did you know that some paparazzi pull in an average salary of $150,000 per year, and some. ReallyFacts About Paparazzi elusive or hard to come by pictures of celebrities can pay in the five to six figure range per shot. Unbelievable isn’t it, but it’s true!
  1. Sometimes just one large stakeout operation (for instance, getting a coveted shot of a child, or two stars together after a nasty breakup) can cost more than a small car. Paparazzi’s expenses can be enormous. Some of these elusive photographers have been known to hire drivers, helicopters, informants, and even yachts to be able to be in the right place at the right time to get that once-in-a-lifetime shot. Some ventures pay off; for example, a shot of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ child was reportedly sold for more than one million dollars. Other times the investment will be a bust and there’s no way for a paparazzi to get their money back. It’s a big gamble!
  1. Paparazzi are always at risk of getting sued for invasion of privacy. This probably isn’t a surprise to anyone, but the court and lawyer expenses, on top of the fines incurred make being a paparazzi a risky business venture. New privacy legislature, often pressed for by celebrities, will make fines and other punishments even stricter and more expensive.
  1. Paparazzi have to work their way up in their profession, just like everyone else. The key to being a successful paparazzo is having connections. These connections may take years, some smooth talking, and just a little luck to cultivate. Reportedly, the famous picture of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez together post breakup was only captured by famous paparazzo Mel Bouzad because of a tipoff that he received from Matt Damon’s wife’s hairdresser. The worlds of rich celebrities are all intertwined and it takes the right connections to be able to be a successful paparazzo.
  1. Being a part of the paparazzi comes with some serious competition. It isn’t as easy just snapping some pictures while you’re walking down the street. There’s only ever going to be one first picture of some reclusive celebrity couple’s first child. The paparazzo that manages to capture that shot is going to have to have the best connections, the best resources to get into location, and the best camera to capture a quality shot.
  1. Sometimes, celebrities respect the role of the paparazzi and work with them to boost their own popularity. It’s no secret that staying famous requires at least some national spotlight. Paparazzi play a major role in how a star is going to be depicted. Negative pictures can seriously damage a celebrity’s image, and having no media coverage at all can cause a celebrity to fall from popularity. Sometimes stars will give paparazzi their schedules or allow “candid” shots in exchange for privacy at other times or a little more media attention.
  1. Paparazzi have a serious impact on a star’s popularity. Sometimes, paparazzi can come together and either boycott or trash a star. Since paparazzi are one of the major outlets for candid pictures of our favourite stars, the pictures that they take or don’t take seriously impact stars’ media visibility. When George Clooney publicly blamed Princess Diana’s car crash on the paparazzi, he was shunned at his next premier event and booed when he signed fans’ autographs.

All in all, being a paparazzo isn’t a glamorous job, but it does have some interesting caveats and perks.

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